The purpose of preventative maintenance is to identify and service the equipment before it fails. Unscheduled repairs more often than not happen at the worst of times and will undoubtedly cost more to repair and replace after they have failed, not to mention increasing the amount of downtime required to repair or replace the failed component.  Regular preventative maintenance routines will greatly increase the longevity of your production equipment to ensure you stay producing.  Dragon Deepwater personnel will perform a site survey and assess the current status of your equipment's operation and general health. A complete report of our findings will be generated when our consultant returns to the office and it will be issued clearly documenting the immediate needs to bring the equipment back up to specification along with the recommendations for quarterly, biannual and annual scheduled maintenance. Dragon Deepwater's spares and maintenance kits can also be purchased for your equipment package. It will be designed and put together by our consultants who will also be able to perform the maintenance work offshore for you. Our engineers and technicians work hand in hand to provide you with the best service possible.


Modifications and upgrades to existing equipment can extend the life and operability of your equipment. Whether it is required to bring the existing equipment up to current regulations and specifications or to facilitate the addition of a new tie-back, our engineers and consultants can provide you with a cost effictive solution to fit your needs.  Our customers are involved every step of the way, from concept through initial, intermediate and final design reviews to ensure that we are fully transparent and provide our clients with  the best solutions to fit their needs.  

Facilities and Operations

Our offshore operations personnel have a wealth of experience from working on Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSO's), Spar's, Tension Leg Platforms (TLP's), Semi-Submersibles, and shallow water Jacket Offshore Platforms. This experience adds value in areas such as SIMOPS, HAZID, HAZOP, Planning, Production, Logistics, Engineered Lifts, Load Out, Emergency Response and Sprill Drill Support.


Training is too often overlooked, and more often than not it is due to schedule constraints and the lack of continuity between personnel from FEED through to installation and commissioning. At Dragon Deepwater we pride ourselves not only on having the in-depth experience of our personnel but we also couple that with the consistency of having the same group -  design, install and commission the equipment. This allows us to provide full continuity from start to finish whilst also being able to run training programmes for your operators and staff. The classes can be  tailored to suit the needs of your personnel, whether they are experts or simply new beginners. Our engineers or technicians can run the classes dependent on the desired audience and equipment to be covered.