Dragon Deepwater is a true full cirlce project lifecycle partner. With the growing number of assets maturing and facility life continually being extended by the addition of new subsea tie-backs, topside deck extensions and modifications, process improvements, gas lift and water injection methods,  offshore oil and gas fields and assets are continually being optimized and upgraded. However, there are a large number of assets that have reached their end of life, be it from a design stand point or an act of nature, like storms and hurricanes. These assets will now need to be abandoned and decommissioned safely, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. Our deepwater project consultants can lead and manage every phase of the decommissioning and / or abandonment campaign from remediation of listing and damaged facilities after a hurricane to complete asset shutdown and removal.
The abandonment and decomissioning process in the United States of America, is partly regulated by the Bureau of Safety Environmental and Enforcement (BSEE) and 30 CFR Part 250, Subpart Q details the shutdown process, how facilities should be removed from service, how pipelines should be shutdown and what clearance is required from any remaining structures or hardware. 30 CFR Part 250, Subpart Q also details how individual subsea wells should be plugged and prepared for abandonment.

There are multiple considerations to be made when planning to abandon or decommission an asset or a facility and there are numerous phases of planning and execution involved. Decommissioning is typically planned several years before the asset or the well has reached its end of life, however this is not always the case, as we have seen from acts of nature such as hurricanes etc. The decomissioning and / or abandonment process may need to be expedited after an act of nature if the facilty is listing or has been damaged considerably. The decommissioning process involves up front project planning and management, close review of existing contractual obligations, application submittals, regulatory approval, design reports, evaluation of environmental impacts, clearance reviews and finally the removal and disposal of the asset and the associated equipment.

Some of our decommissioning and abandonment services are listed below.   
                - Project Management
                - Decommissioning / Abandonment Planning , Execution and Strategy
                - Decommissioning / Abandonment Budgeting and Financial Reporting
                - Hazard / Risk Assessments, HAZOP, HAZID
                - Evaluation of Environmental Impact
                - Regulatory and Permit Compliance, Submittal and Reporting
                - 30 CFR 250 Compliance
                - Supervise and Review Pre-Abandonment Surveys
                - As-Left Assessments
                - Impact Assessments

                - Decommissioning / Abandonment Contractor Selection
                - Decommissioning / Abandonmentand Vessel Review and Selection
                - Review Decommissioning and Abandonment Tooling and Requirements
                - Supply Client Vessel Respresentatives, TWIC, SafeGulf, UKOOA, BOSIET, FOET Certified

Additional Information

 - For more information on decomissioning please visit www.bsee.gov or click here
 - For more information on rigs-to-reefs please visit www.bsee.gov or click here
 - For more information on decomissioning statistics please visit www.bsee.gov or click here
 - For more information on Goverment Regulations please visit www.ecfr.gov

If you require more information on the full range of our decommissioning and abandonment services please contact us by completing the online form on the contact us page or email us directly at [email protected] to find out out how we can be of service to you.